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Sane Defaults for Digital Wellbeing

A collective effort to bring back sanity to social media and digital platforms

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Controlling the consumption of information is essential to preserving individual sovereignty. Ad-blocking and abstinence from algorithmic feeds are now a necessity, to prevent platforms from controlling our minds and affecting our wellbeing.

A sane default is a concept in software engineering, meaning a default setting chosen to ensure an optimal experience, which is to be reproduced across multiple machines. Unfortunately, the default settings on most digital platforms today don’t maximize your wellbeing, but are rather configured to hook you in. Platforms also use dark patterns to nudge you into unhealthy browsing habits. We point these out wherever they show up.

We present below a comprehensive list of sane defaults for every digital platform, to help you take back control.


To be done

This is a work in progress. I would appreciate your help with adding content for the following platforms ❤️. (Following the style set in the ones above)

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If you have spent lots of hours optimizing your usage and wellbeing on a digital platform, please consider contributing your knowledge. You can fork the repository and create a pull request. You can also just create an issue to give simple feedback.